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Crafting on a rainy day

Craft day with my kids. It’s been raining like crazy here the past couple of days. So I wanted to get the kids something to keep them busy.

My daughter made this beautiful pencil painting picture by numbers (which she still has to finish) and have to say it is my all time fave pic.

My boys wanted to try this Polymer Clay and make Angry Birds with them. So they picked out the colors and picked out colors for Yasmin as well. I was hesitant at first but they came out pretty good if I don’t say so myself. Kids wanted to do it but they were getting so frustrated with it that I had to help them out a bit with it.

Craft day for me is always the best. Whether it’s crochet, sewing, painting by numbers or clay sculpting, crafting is so so super relaxing for me. My daughter so loved doing the painting by numbers and I feel like I so see me in her.

What do you guys think???

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Official Business


Official Business Baja Vista Home Collection – Check out my website to shop for this collection at


I love how these 4 wood wall shelves look!!! This is a beautiful must have in your office space. The above picture is the Baja Vista Wall shelves Set of 4 – Set of 4 hanging wall shelves  (Each 11 1/4″L x 5 3/4″W x 1/2″D) Wood

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Calming Corners Baja Vista Home Collection – Transform your home into a tranquil haven by adding accents inspired by nature. How beautiful are these ceramic Lanterns (Set of 2) and the vases (sold separately). The colors of them are so neutral that they can be decorated anywhere in your home. The Baja Vista Area Rug makes a nice pop to your wood floor.


Shop at my website –

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Virus shawl/wrap

A couple of weeks ago I was looking on YouTube for a new crochet pattern, as I always do and I came across this pattern called “crochet virus pattern”. I have seen this pattern before I never knew that it was called “virus pattern”.

So I wanted to know more on why the heck it was called “virus pattern” – lol 🤣🤣🤣

So I googled it and wanted to share the reason why this beautiful and easy pattern is called “virus pattern”

I would have to be living under a rock if I wasn’t aware of the mysterious Virus Shawl Phenomenon. I posted on my Instagram and on my FB Avon Business page that I learned this new crochet pattern. A dear friend of mine was laughing about my posting of this “virus shawl/wrap” and said “wow, that is beautiful and asked me “What is a Virus Shawl?” or “Why is it called a Virus Shawl?”

For this reason, I’ve decided to put everything in the same place.

In 2013, someone wrote up the pattern and called it “Dreieckstuch” which means triangle cloth in German. In 2015, it appears that someone else decided that the shawl was going viral so they named it Virus Shawl (virus tuch) at that time. Since that time, the name has become popular and probably so much easier than saying “Dreieckstuch”.

So, it appears that in fact, someone did actually name the shawl “Virus” because it appeared to be viral on the internet. It’s not the only name, but it is the most commonly used at this time. I have no idea who first started calling it Virus but I just know that the first pattern using this stitch pattern and calling it “Virus” was in March 2015. But, again, the initial shawl pattern was published in 2013; it’s just that the name “Virus” wasn’t used until 2015 when someone else made another triangle shawl in the same stitch pattern. It still remains that the one from 2013 was the first published outside of the symbol chart.

So above is the yarn I used, which is the beautiful Caron Cakes “Cherry Chip” (80% Acrylic/20%wool).

I got these from Michael’s and I so loved that I picked these for this particular pattern. I never used these yarn before on any projects I have done but I have to say I so love the feel and just how it looks when the project is done.

So finally here is my “Virus Shawl/Wrap” that I crocheted. My daughter wanted to be my model in showing everyone on how many beautiful ways you can wear this “Virus Shawl/Wrap”.

This shawl has already been purchased but I wanted to share with all of you on how amazing this came out. I am going to be making another one with a different color. It’s another Caron Cake yarn. The colors on the next one is going to be beautiful as well. Can’t wait to share and post it.

The shawl/wrap below can be for an adult/teen/little girls.

Measurements – 69″ wide x 27 1/2″ from the top to the point on the bottom.

Care – Hand wash and lay flat to dry

So if you are please send me a message to let me know what colors you like and the size, meaning adult/teen/child.

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Mini Xmas trees

Wanted to share these beautiful trees that my niece ordered from me. They look awesome on her bar cart!!! How cute would these be for the holidays.

The ones I made here are size tall,medium and small and the colors can be as shown here which is red, white and blue with some shimmers to it. If interested please send me a message.

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Beautiful lace shawl/wrap

An old friend of mine from grade school, who by the way I have not seen in over 30yrs bought this beautiful lace shawl/wrap from me. I love how it turned out and love how it looked on her sis-in-law.

There are so many ways that you can wear it. This particular shawl/wrap in this picture measures at 19″ wide x 80″ long. I especially love how it makes you feel warm and cozy in the Fall/Winter/Spring.

I can customize to whatever size and color you would like. If you are interested to order please send me a message.

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Crafting your Heart out makes room for your Soul to Grow